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P.S. those blue lines aren’t for you

Thursday morning I rolled out to my van so I could go to work, ready to rock the day. To my surprise, well I wasn’t so shocked because it has happened numerous times before, there was a big, black, very nice, Ford pick up truck parked in those blue diagonal lines. You know, the ones that are meant to provide the extra room needed for a wheelchair ramp to deploy. I couldn’t get in my van, and I ended up being 30 minutes late for work. I’m an emotional support teacher, so being on time to greet and prep my kiddos for a successful day is super important. After pressing the panic button for a few moments to send a nice morning wake up call to the apartment complex, I called the police. Those blue lines aren’t for you.

Handicap parking facts:

-public facilities are required to have handicap parking spaces, 1 in 6 are required to be van accessible

-only park in a handicap spot if you have a placard or proper documentation

-it’s against the law to block handicap parking, and you will get ticketed

The blue lines aren’t for:

-you to wait for your friend while they run in to the store really quickly

-delivery drivers to drop off food

-Uber/Lyft waiting spots

-you to unload your groceries or laundry

-mail trucks or Amazon deliveries

-shoveling a pile of snow to the side


-you to use for your convenience

Blue lines are extra space for wheelchair ramps/lifts; please be considerate when choosing a parking spot.



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