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Having a disability is exhausting

This is something that I have been thinking about for a while, and have only discussed with my two closest friends. Today I read an article posted by The Mighty (see below) that justified my thoughts. It’s ironic because Holly and I were just discussing the emotional toll of having a physical disability.

For years I thought I was crazy because it would make me exhausted doing every day tasks, heating up a meal, getting dressed, etc., or I’d tire just thinking of everything I have to do that day. I mean, I have to think about every. Little. Thing, like how I’m going to open a drawer, is the top on my milk jug open enough for me to open so I can pour it in my coffee? Wait, the milk jug is too heavy to pour, did I ask someone to put some in a glass, is the shampoo bottle on the right side (otherwise I’d drop it), is there enough toilet paper on the roll and is it started? Am I wearing an outfit I can easily get out of if no one shows to help me this evening? Goodness, I only scratched the surface, but the list seriously goes on because everything needs to be so preplanned in order for me to live independently. Just thinking about what I need to do is exhausting, and I haven’t even done anything yet!

As the author of We need to talk about the emotional toll of being chronically ill states, the unpredictability of it all is anxiety triggering.

I’m truly a happy person, and I love my life, but it doesn’t mean that sometimes I wish it was a tiny bit easier. I can deal with the physical disability, but just as the article mentions, the emotional aspect of being chronically ill is the most invisible and difficult part.

I’m not sure that I’m getting my point across because this is such a vulnerable topic, but to sum it up and reiterate what the article says (because I resonate with it so much):

-having a disability is exhausting and it’s like having a full time job (and I already have one)

-have a good support system

-check on your “strong” friends who have a disability because sometimes they need it too

-my disability isn’t all of me, and I don’t need to talk about it it all the time

-it’s ok to seek help



P.s. read the article posted below:

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