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An attitude of gratitude

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been focusing a ton on gratitude. It’s so easy to become frustrated with every little thing, but focusing upwards helps me stay balanced.

I tend to think my little moments of frustration happen much more frequently than the average person. These moments happen multiple times everyday as I’m constantly reminded that I can’t do something quickly or effortlessly. For example, today I was carrying a cup of coffee, lost my balance, hit the wall, and spilled that cup of coffee on the rug. Since there is no use crying over spilled coffee, I looked upward, and was reminded of God’s infinite love. And how these Earthly struggles are nothing compared to the joy we will experience.

Now, I’m human and don’t always have this perfect attitude of gratitude (especially after the 5th moment of frustration that day). I’m a work in progress.

As always, thanks for reading!

Xoxo Jess

P.s. Here are some beautiful creation photos that I am grateful for experiencing today.

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