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Do you even know what love is?

It’s been a week since Dr. Phil had an interabled couple on his show. In the past week, people with disabilities have responded to Dr. Phil’s ignorant comments regarding the couple. I did a quick post using the hashtag #100outof100, but I needed more time to develop a response. Here it is..

For those of you who are not aware of the ignorant comments made by Dr. Phil, please see below.

First of all, I’d love to know about all your experience with this. Is it first hand? Please advise.

Secondly, what does being attractive have to do with dating and loving someone in a wheelchair? Can people in wheelchairs only attract ugly people? Are we not worthy of dating attractive people? Dr. Phil, your comment was culturally destructive. You are a public talk show host, and should check your facts, or have your producers do it for you before providing advice.

And here’s the thing, Dr. Phil, my significant other should not be my sole personal assistant (this is a less demeaning word then caregiver, by the way), but the reality is personal assistants hired by agencies don’t show up! Their pay is minimal, their skills are lacking, and not many people want to do that kind of job. There are other reasons why they don’t show up, but I won’t dive into them here.

Harley is showing the purest form of love and servant leadership by assisting the man she loves with his ADLs. When your wife becomes elderly and is unable to care for all of her physical needs, I’d hope you’d help her. Love isn’t just physical. Love hopes, love lifts, love believes. Oh and love endures all things, and Harley and Bailey are crushing it!

Do you even know what love is?

Xoxo Jess

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