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Life in the right lane

🚘Beep, beep!! Move over, you’re holding up traffic.

I often do things at a much slower rate than the average person which isn’t only frustrating to me, but the line of people behind me at the grocery store.

With my van being broken and my wheelchair stuck at work, I’ve been forced to move at an even slower rate, and it’s actually kind of nice.

As adults we are constantly on the go, thinking of what’s next, and trying to get everything done in a short period of time. As I was getting ready to walk my dog, I was reminded of just how enjoyable life in the “right lane” can be.

It took me 25 minutes just to get my winter boots on, but that victory was so rewarding. It took another 5 minutes to get my coat just half on and then a scarf; I was ready to walk this pup of mine! I walk slowly and get tired easily, but knew Annabelle deserved a nice, long walk. You see, if I had my wheelchair, we could have rolled three times the distance in half the time. As I was walking, I admired the changing colors of the leaves, the smell of the fall air, the unique architecture of the town buildings, the two day old snow, and Annabelle got a few good smells in. I had time to think, and I came to the realization that I need to be more patient with myself. Yes, it takes me longer to do most everything, but I can find peace in knowing that everything that needs to get done will get done.

As I continued to walk, I was reminded that growth is slow, and that beautiful things take time. I’m still growing into the person I was created to be, and sometimes I get disappointed that I’m not already that person. Again, I need to be patient with myself, and enjoy life in the “right lane.” Maybe you do too?

Xoxo Jess

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