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On Gratitude

Today seems pretty fitting to talk about gratitude with it being Memorial Day and all.

I’ll start off with giving my upmost feelings of thanks to all who have served and lost it all; you and your family are the true heroes. Thankyou for being selfless and brave, for doing something so important that has changed so much! 🇺🇸

Having a physical disability really makes you thankful for everything, because you don’t really have a choice. Well, you do have a choice, but focusing more on your burdens doesn’t get you very far. But let me tell you, an attitude of gratitude truly takes daily practice.

To list everything I’m grateful for would take far too much time, so just to name a few…

– the salvation and love I was given through Jesus (I know you’re thinking I have to say that, but no)

-those who always believed in me without an ounce of doubt

-my family

-friends that love, encourage, and hold me accountable


-nature, the sunshine, the rain, ALL of intricacies 🌍

-those that take time to listen before speaking and judging

-my coworkers

-my physical therapist and occupational therapist

-yoga 🧘‍♀️


-my students

-the things I can do and the challenges I’ve overcome

As always, thanks for reading! 😘


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